Youth Camps – Ages 8-18
Graffiti Camp Summer 2020
$350 – Tuition
  • June 15-19FULL | July 6-10FULL | Aug 10-14FULL
  • 10am-4pm
  • 1720 Madison St NE. MPLS, MN. 55413 (Casket Arts “Factory” Building)
Adult Workshops – none offered at this time

Please call for information. 612-224-2939

SPRAYFINGER is sponsored by IronLak. We are a proud supporter of SUGAR Professional Artists' Acrylic Aerosol Paint

SPRAYFINGER is sponsored by IronLak. We are a proud supporter of SUGAR Professional Artists’ Acrylic Aerosol Paint

SPRAYFINGER Graffiti camps are designed to help participants learn about graffiti as an exciting art form. Education in history, letter structure, aerosol techniques, and execution of personal and collaborative murals will be the focus. Students will experiment in drawing, collage, aerosol, stencil, and murals.

Tuition for one student is $350. Each additional student you sign up is discounted $50.  Tuition includes all materials, equipment, and supplies. Students are required to show up ready to learn and be open for a fun and challenging experience. Light snacks and beverages will be provided, yet students need to bring their own lunches. Wear clothes that can get dirty and bring a creative mind!

*NOTE: It is recommended that students purchase their own respirators for the aerosol portion of the camps, as they will not be provided. For more info on the products we will be using:


The SPRAYFINGER workshops are set up for learning Graffiti: The Art of Creative Lettering and its aesthetic form. Graffiti as an art has a 50+ year history.  Students can expect to learn graffiti as a fine art with concepts that speak to it as a movement, a source of communication, and the enhancement of community rather than its detriment. Students begin drawing letters/fonts in their simple forms that increasing and gets more complexed with students own creativity. Students also work with color paper collage and simple color theory. And lastly, yet most important, students work with aerosol/spray paint and the traditional graffiti motifs with mural applications adding in a variety of techniques, mediums, and images of their personal choice.

Plains Museum, Spray Finger's Inaugural Graffiti Workshop, Fargo ND, 2012. Aerosol Classes at InterMedia Arts 2011Products and supplies.

Books on GraffitiBooks and materials for learning history, important artists in the culture, and a variety of lettering examples.

DOOZY exciting letter design using the Quad Grid Method, Martin SPRAYFINGER program, 2014 Gordon Parks Student executing the Quad Grid Method, 2014  Students drawing letters using the Quadrilateral Grid System.

Student adding color with markers, 2013Working color with markers and ideas from Subway Art (Henry Chalfant/Martha Cooper)Working color ideas with markers, colored pencils and more.

Student working collage techniques during the Martin SPRAYFINGER program, 2014 Student working the collage process. Martin SPRAYFINGER, 2014Students working the collage and layering process.

Can control exercises. Plains Museum North Dakota, 2012 Working can control exercises, FAHS 2013Working can control techniques and aerosol exercises.

Aerosol techniques - hand stencils, Roseville high school, 2014 Two tone face designs and stencils. Keewaydin Middle School, 2014Creative painting techniques using stencils, bushes, and photo montage combinations.

JR gettin funky with Mixed medium; aerosol, paper collage, and grease marker on cardboard, 2014 Makkng layers on the school mural at Gordon Park High School, 2014Mixed mediums on paper, cardboard, wood panels, and walls of all kinds as art or murals.

Students working on 4x8 supported practice panels/walls, 2014Finished piece by FLAME. Intermedia Arts summer camp 2014Youth feeling proud and by the energy that is created from this art form.